Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Expletives on TV

I'm seeing some chatter on Digg.com about a fuss being raised by expletives being used on TV. Just like the debate on violence on TV, that I commented on a few weeks ago, both sides seem to be focusing on kids not hearing this stuff. This is not just about kids. This is about broadcasters and performers that are using their medium irresponsibly. Filling the masses minds with vulgarity is unhealthy for our nation. For an example of this you can read the comments on Digg.com on this subject. The comments are generally the unintelligent onslaught of people with limited vocabularies looking for a venue to spew anger.

On the topic of kids and parents paying attention to what their kids watch. It is true that parents should be engaged with their kids. However the kids are home when parents are not. Kids have access to TV when parents are not in the room or in the house. Kids can stumble across this stuff while surfing the channels.

Besides children watching this kind of trash that is mingled with our entertainment I'm getting sick of having shows I otherwise enjoy being brought down to that level. Profanity is not necessary for me to know that a character is very angry. Profanity is not necessary to tell a funny joke. Why must the majority have to put up with such intrusions in our favorite programs from the minority that control the media?

Some are talking about free speech. We live in a free country, but with freedom comes responsibility. Being crude not responsible.

Should this be an issue for the courts or the governing agencies to get involved in I don't know. Those who don't want this stuff in our media need a bigger voice. It is not being heard over the behemoths that run the networks. Unfortunately the only course maybe to sacrifice our favorite programs and turn the tube off.