Monday, May 03, 2010


I keep seeing this idea of pitting two things against each other that are not mutually exclusive as if they are.

Republicans vs Democrats
As far as I can see, we do not have a two party system.  We are to believe the two parties are in disagreement and that there is a big difference between the two.  I believe that the differences are concocted to distract from the acts of greed both parties perpetrate together.

This is not to say that we shouldn't be involved in our government and that we shouldn't vote.  We should be aware that there are bipartisan things happening, but they are generally not seen by the public and they have to do with greed.

When bills are produced and one party opposes it and they debate pieces of it, I wonder about the pieces that are in it that are no good that they are not talking about.  Are the debates on certain issues just a distraction so we don't notice the rest of the garbage that is in it?

Church vs State
Our government was founded on religion by Christians.  "In God We Trust"  "One Nation Under God"  This nation thrives when both work together.

Religion vs Science
This infers that there is not thought in religion.  Yes there are those that seem to just move through their religion with no thought, but I would argue that religion is a branch of science.  It is something you study to understand how the world works.  You don't do this without science.  You use the two to understand each of them.

Government vs Business
There is this theater that goes on trying to pit business and government against each other.  All the while the two are working together to get rich by draining the people.  When I hear a debate that pits business against government I have to look for what else is going on.  There is generally something they are trying to cover up or push through and make it look like there is a choice in the matter cause you can choose business or government. The people lose either way.