Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shouting Match In Ogden Utah Neighborhood 25 April 2012

25 April 2012 7:30am
Before work this morning my son and I went to go for a jog.  When we went out the front door we heard a woman screaming profanity at someone.  We look across the street down the block and saw a woman yelling at a man, saying she wanted her stuff out of his truck.  It looked like she had pulled up next to him and blocked his driver's side door with her car in the road, so he couldn't get in and drive away.  She also stood in front of the truck.

I'm so sick of people standing outside in front of their houses yelling at each other.  One time I saw a couple specifically walk out side to do the yelling instead of staying inside.  I debated just ignoring it and going for our walk.  I want the police to continue working in this neighborhood to get the bad elements out of here, so I called 911.

I described as best I could from what I could see from down the block.  After he drove off with her on his hood I walked over to her car and tried to get her license plate number and make and model of the car.

At one point he walked up to her and shoved her out of the way of the truck.  He went to get in and she jumped back in front of it.  He then picked her up and moved her to the grass.  Again he tried to get in the truck, but she was back in front of it.

At one point the hood came open.  I think she opened it to try to disable it, but I have no idea how she got it open without getting in the cab.

He finally slid into the driver's seat from the window or from banging the door into her car.  He started the truck and she jumped up on the hood.  She started kicking the windshield.  They sat there a while longer and then he drove a few feet with her on the hood.  He stopped to give her a chance to get off.  Then he drove around the corner a little further.  He then stopped to have her get off.  Finally he drove up the street and turned on a different street out of sight.

I heard from another neighbor that perhaps they had driven over by a school and the police picked them up there.

Shortly after they went around the corner a police office pulled up.  He talked to another lady in a car there.  At first I thought she was a friend of the woman and was waiting for her, but she was just a person going by.  She had also called 911.  After he finished talking to her he came and talked to me.  He told me to hang out for a moment and then drove off to try to find them.  Twenty minutes or so went by and I was about to go take my jog and then come back, but as I was leaving the police officer came back.  I gave him my information and then went on our way.

My son and I took a short jog and then came back.  We then walked my daughter to work.  I got showered and got ready for work.  When I went to leave for work the yelling woman's car was gone.  My wife said they had towed it.

I have several things I question about situations like this.  Why would you want your private argument out on the lawn.  Many times when one is mad they say something they regret and are sometimes wrong in some way.  Why would you want your neighbors to see you like that?  Was the stuff in the purse or whatever worth a hundred dollar ticket?  The cost is probably way higher after she has to pay the tow truck and impound lot.  Additionally disturbing the peace, assault, reckless endangerment or whatever other charges are going to get thrown at her.  It is all worth what is in the truck or attempting to get emotional satisfaction out of him?