Saturday, August 25, 2012

Golden Coral and Other Buffets and Tipping

I took my wife and sons to Golden Coral for lunch.  They collected payment when we came in.  At that time they asked if I wanted any cash back for a tip.  At first it was just the usual question about cash back, like they ask at Walmart to have some cash.  As we walked to the table I processed what she had said, "cash back for a tip".

Are they really advertising that they are expecting a tip at a buffet?  All they really have to do is clear the plates.  At Golden Coral they additionally refill drinks.  They wouldn't have to do that if they didn't lock the drinks in places that are only accessible to employees.

It is a buffet.  I expect that I will be serving myself.  Having a waitress is unnecessary.

On the issue of removing the plates, if they had a place for me to drop the dirty dishes I would put them there.  If not, then what is needed is a busser, not a waiter.  At least that is how it looks from my humble perspective.