Friday, April 30, 2010

How to Get It Done

I heard something while watching The Amazing Race the other day that I thought was one of those catching sayings about how to live life that people like so much.

They had a task to perform where they had to put together a huge puzzle with great big pieces.  A member of the team with two models on it and a member of the brothers/cowboys team had a good bit of their puzzles done.  The wind picked up and tossed the pieces all over.  The model guy started stomping around and pitching a fit and behaving like he might quit, as he did several times during the race when things went badly for them.  The cowboy used his clothing and some folding chairs that were in the lower spectator level of the stadium and kept working.  In one of the shots where they ask the player to comment on the tasks they were doing after the fact, Cord McCoy, the cowboy, said, “throwing a fit and kicking and screaming wudn’t goin’ to help get my puzzle done.”

As we run into things where life hands us a trial, perhaps it might be useful to consider that throwing a fit and kicking and screaming likely won't help us get our puzzle done.