Thursday, March 04, 2010

Rafiki Wisdom

Rafiki Wisdom.  I love that monkey.  "It means you are a baboon and I am not."  "You don't even know who you are."

Yes, the past hurts.  It is to remind us that we don't want to go there again.

So long as we hang out with wart hogs and let them convince us that eating bugs is the way to be happy, we will never find true happiness.  Once we stop eating bugs and embrace who we are, we will find that we will find what we have been seeking.

We must leave the party and pay attention to what is important.  We are royalty and we must act like it and stop trying to find happiness in filth.

We are children of a king, our Heavenly Father.  We can embrace our heritage and be happy or we can live below our potential and keep trying to find something else that will forever be escaping us.

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