Thursday, February 23, 2012

Leaving Memorials When a Tragedy Happens.

After the shootings of the police officers across from my church on Jackson Avenue in Ogden there was a bunch of stuff left by people  as a memorial or something.  It was left on the steps on the church property that lead down the hill to the road.  It was candles and plants and so forth.  The candles burned down to a bunch of wax.  Some of the glass containers broke and broken glass was all over.  The plants died and they were just pots of ugly dead plants left behind.  The stuffed animals got wet and dirty and frozen.  They didn't belong to anyone, so no one took them home.

It is winter time.  The stuff got frozen to the ground and made a hazard for those who use those stairs.

I am not sure who left this stuff, but I am guessing it was people that are not from our neighborhood.  I know they wanted to do something because they felt bad, but they came into our neighborhood and left stuff for us to clean up.

The candles and plants did not make me feel better, but the trash that was left that our neighborhood had to clean up made me feel worse.

The stuff was left on private property and the owners of the stuff took no responsibility for them.

I can appreciate that people wanted to do something nice, but I don't understand littering as a gift.  If you want to leave something nice, then come back in a few days and clean up the mess.

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